Arevean Nights

Session Twenty-Seven: Nemesis Reunion
Lord Patan finally meets with the Party in person, and gives them a single task to avoid execution....

o Morna hides on the other plane, sneaking along to follow the army
o Lord Patan threatens to kill the party and their army, especially Morna and Mica, but Adrei convinces him that instead they should redeem their crimes by reviving his dead son
 He agrees, but warns them that they will have to defeat Tassadar permanently, as he has held his son’s soul in his realm
 He also asks if they could attempt to free his wife, trapped by a curse by Tassadar in a magic mirror.
o They agree, and travel there through a portal in Lord Patan’s capitol
o On the other side is a blasted landscape with a small city made mostly of brass and stone surrounded by as high wall
 They see blue humanoids following them on the ridgelines of the mesas on both sides
 They ask them for help, and are told that they are Belgoi, and that they have been cursed and are unable to enter the city due to Tassadar’s magic barriers
o They advise the party of a possible entrance guarded by a massive blue-skinned creature on a chain, covered in spiny scales and ridges
 Instead, party phases through the walls and frees the creature
 It begins to rampage and wreak havoc in the city
o The party goes to the massive slave district of the city
 Within are hundreds of walled and guarded courtyards, containing the slaves and homes of the efreet slave-masters
 The party begins formulating a plan, and starts spreading information and weapons to the slaves
o They signal the breakout, and the slaves overrun the district, and are met by the guards of the city
o The party rushes to the warded buildings that contain the sigils guarding the city
 Destroying the them released undead spirits into the city, as well as allowing the Belgoi to enter the city and turn the tide of battle
o They then begin to batter down the doors to Tassadars palace
 He easily kills the two large blue-spined creatures that broke down the doors, and begins to summon the power of the Far Realm again
 Unfortunately, the staff he channeled his power through was cracked, and shattered, killing him in a spectacular explosion
o Morna removed a finger from his corpse as proof of his death, and the party led the refugee slaves back into Lord Patan’s Domain
 After defeating a enormous centipede left as a trap by Tassadar, they return to their original plane
o Lord Patan grudgingly allows them to be granted full citizen rights, and they proceed to revive his son
 Adrei also manages to free his wife from the crystal mirror, and she reveals that she is Adrei’s aunt, her mother’s sister
o The party leaves with the gratitude of Lord Patan and commuted sentences, and travels to the Dwarven Kingdom
 They are told that the king was assassinated by a crazy dwarf, who the party suspects was controlled by mindflayers
o After meeting with the former king’s advisor, they see that the four elite guards that close the door as they leave all have the colored eyes indicating they are under control of a mindflayer—

Session Twenty-Six: Pater/Mater/Regicide
A plane is saved as a new Queen is crowned...

o They speak to umber hulk after neutralizing the guards
 He works with Krik’nar, and they are attempting to recruit allies against a powerful efreet, Tassadar, preparing to attack their plane
o They free him, and he tells them that if they can offer greater benefits than those promised by Ostereth, they’ll agree to using them as allies and reward them well.
o Party splits up and starts recruiting
 They get troops from the Cursebreakers
 As well as from the capitol for the Civer Empire
 And some from the Dwarven Kingdoms
o Chia goes to see her parents
 First visits the site of the original temple of Sehanine
 Only the temple is intact, with the grounds unkempt
o She visits the room that held Sangvrus, Ostereth’s sister
 Her desiccated skeleton has had the back of it’s head broken open, suggesting that Ostereth freed her soul from there
o Chia goes to the capitol to confront her parents
 They attempt to placate her, but she uses her powers to sever the heavy curtains of the darkened room, letting in the moonlight
o Her parents burst into flames due to their impiety, and she uses her newly found rule to order the exposure of all citizens of the capitol to moonlight, revealing those who have forsaken Sehanine’s teachings
 She then sends the necessary troops to the meeting point for the party’s forces
o The location is north of the Dwarven Kingdoms, a huge crumbling sandstone arch with a portal within
 The umber hulk leads them inside, robes and insignia appearing on his carapace as he enters
o The party leads their troops to the designated city, with the enemy army on the horizon
 Within the city are factions of a death god as well as some sort of snake cult
 They summon avatars of their god as the army attacks and the efreet reveals himself
o Tassadar begins to open a rift to the Far Realm, and tentacles and horrors begin to enter the plane
 The party manages to seal the rift by destroying the floating stones that held it open, and the avatars and the army manage to defeat and banish the efreet.
o The party returns through the portal, with Morna stopping to get the Hand of Vecna that was the reward for their help, without Mica or Adrei’s knowledge.
o Outside of the portal, they are met by tens of thousands of Lord Patan’s troops, led by Lord Patan himself.

Session Twenty-Five: The Chase within the City-Ship
The party finds that enraged cat-creatures are very adept at psychics...

o The Dire arrives at Mirdemost, the location the Scarab Amulets indicate has another amulet carrier.
o They are told that the mayor has been acting slightly suspicious, only addressing the public from his balcony every few days and that his office is on the top deck of the city.
 After waiting for his hooded assistant to leave for the daily merchant audit, the party clumsily sneaks up to the office balcony after falling and evading the guards.
o They easily break into the room, and find a scroll that contains a threat from Lord Patan about their militarization and lack of willingness to ally with his country
 Everything in the room has a thin layer of dust
o The party also notices that someone else has been in the room before them, and after a careful check find that the other intruder had entered and crawled along the ceiling.
 They find a magical source coming from the bedroom of the office, and find the magically preserved corpse of the mayor, apparently converted into an automaton.
o They dismiss the magic, and then travel downstairs to check the assistant’s office.
 His door is magically warded, and they only partially manage to prevent it from going off
 The interior of the room is filled with a thick coat of dust, save for a single path from the door to his closet
 Cavo warns them that the assistant is suddenly hurrying back to his office
o Inside the closet, they find a rope ladder that when unfurled is directly above the roof of a bar and gambling den on the deck below
 They all hurry down and enter the building through a trapdoor on the roof.
o They find themselves in a private room, apparently the bar owners. Inside is a bed, fireplace, and a chest
 The chest contains thousands of platinum pieces, and a broken and scratched Scarab Amulet
o The party hides as they hear the owner approach up the stairs. The bar owner is an eladrin missing his hand and with a huge burn across half of his face.
 He enters, drinks and muses about for a bit, and then heads back downstairs
o The hooded assistant then climbs down the ladder, and enters the room
 The party can see that it too has a Scarab Amulet
o It hisses and throws back its hood, revealing a feline face with a secondary set of insect-like eyes.
 However, after scanning the room with these eyes, it leaves the room and heads down the stairs.
o The party leaves the room through the trapdoor after taking the platinum and the broken amulet, and enter the main entrance of the tavern.
o There are several tables playing various types of cards, and a distinctive man in the back of the room wearing a light blue cloak, with a wide-brimmed hat concealing his eyes, and a broad smile.
 The sit down at the bar near a private group room, where the hooded assistant and the bar owner are.
 Morna “accidentally” stumbles into their room, and sees that the third member in the room is a quiet man identical to the distinctive man outside gambling.
o Morna is removed from the room, and the party goes into the alleyway as Chia probes the owner’s mind to find out what is going on.
o She discovers that the owner took the amulet off of someone else, but was unable to get it to function. Also, apparently both he and the hooded assistant are allies with Krik’nar, with the man in the blue hat as a neutral party.
 However, a hissing voice is heard as the cat-creature detects their psychic intrusion, and they lead the bar patrons out in a mob to try to chase the party
o The party hides back and blends with the mob, as Morna sneaks forward and steals the amulet from the cat-creature.
 The man in the blue hat notices Morna before she grabs the amulet, but says nothing and smiles widely before continuing the “chase”
 Enraged, it quickly climbs onto the building she teleported onto behind her and begins chasing her
 The rest of the party sneaks back to the ship
o Morna phases down through the decks and barely avoids hitting a pile of rusted and salt-encrusted eladrin corpses and their weapons, landing in seawater
 The bodies are filling the lower deck, but Morna landed in the water and can swim through the gash in the side of the city-ship to the Dire
o After returning to the ship, they follow the next amulet pulse that directs them to the Dwarven Kingdoms.
o In the capitol, they follow the trail of the amulets to a mining company’s building
 Inside the building, they can see several dwarves relaxing, and making fun of a captive umber hulk in a nearby cage
o The umber hulk has an amulet embedded into it’s carapace near its neck.

Session Twenty-Four: Revelations of a Darkened Sun
In which the party meets a new friend from a distant plane...

o Party returns to joyous celebration in village
 Praised as heroes, and given a feast in their honor
o The elves send off a runner to the nearby city to inform them of the joyous news and of their savior by the party
 They think the party was sent by the Nation of the Fey
o Party decides to make a hasty exit, and moves off into the forest
o Soon, they hear a Feywild portal open nearby
 The party sees a male tiefling in the distance look at the party, and then vanish into the underbrush
o A noise is heard, and after the party hides in the trees, a burly, stubby human-looking creature rush past them and into the portal
o He’s followed shortly by a half-dozen armored Eladrin, two of which are holding the leashes of a pair of huge hunting dogs.
 Party drops down and asks them their business.
o After finding he’s an escaped slave who assaulted Chia’s parents, they let them pass, and then follow them secretly into the portal as it closes.
 They follow the trail the slave made, eschewing the ancient stone trail the eladrin are following.
o They manage to head off the slave, and offer him their assistance.
 After he accepts, they take him through another portal, escaping as it closes and leaving the eladrin behind in the Feywild
o They find out he’s a mul, a human-dwarf half-breed, and that he was captured by the Nation of the Fey after being randomly teleported here from his home plane of Athas, the planet of the Dark Sun.
 On Athas he was a slave to a sorcerer-king, and after arriving here, he was imprisoned by the eladrin.
 He assaulted Chia’s parents after they tortured him.
 The mul gladly accepts the offer to be part of the crew, and travels with them to the port town.
o They arrive in town right ahead of the messenger sent from the village, so they rush to their ships and out of the port
 The mul is incredulous at the ocean and the amount of water nearby.
o The Dire begins to sail around to the south where they can detect the presence of another carrier of a Scarab Amulet.

Session Twenty-Two: The Pit and the Shade
In which the party discovers the whereabouts of Ostereth's minions and a new area of operations...

o Party travels to Nation of the Fey
 Decide to search the south-eastern portion of country to try to find Ostereth’s base
 They find some zombies, all shambling in a single direction
o The party reaches the edge of a huge mining pit dug into the ground, with thousands of zombies slowly digging through it
 The zombies are either bringing armfuls of dirt to a few Fist of the Goddess troops at the center of the pit, near a large stone entryway, or shambling off to deposit the dirt in the jungle nearby
 Party realizes this is the approximate whereabouts of a legion of the Soul Land’s finest troops, who were rumored to have been the first king of the Soul Land’s personal guards.
o Adrie uses a ritual to disguise the party as undead, and they sneak into the stone entryway
 Down a long corridor are murals, showing the imprisonment of some terrible entity thousands of years ago
 End of tunnel is a huge chamber with a vaulted ceiling
o There are two figures inside; a large, armored warrior and a shrouded, ethereal figure in front of a huge, hovering, metal and rune-inscribed crystal hovering above the floor
 There are also a few Fist of the Goddess guards, who are sorting through a large pile of enchanted items uncovered by the zombies in the pit
o Party attacks, and block off retreat and reinforcements from the corridor beyond
 They manage to defeat both the wraith, who claims he is Milimarz, the first king of the Soul Lands, as well as the armored general.
o General removes his helm, and is seen to be the Elven Ambassador from before, now horribly warped and twisted by some power of chaos, granting him power in exchange for deformation
 He curses at the party for forcing him down this path, and then weeps.
o Unfortunately, the party interrupted the wraith’s ritual, and the being within the crystal is starting to break free
 The crystal shatters, revealing a hybrid elder elemental of stone and air.
o Party tries to contain it, and after some difficulties, manages to temporarily hold it within the crystal prison.
o Now the party has to decide how to deal with their new (and temporary) captive.—

Session Twenty-One: Revelations of the Lance
The party travels to Silverhammer to foil the Blackforge plot, while a spy amongst allies will soon be revealed...

o As the Dire reaches the swamps between the Sea of Zazim and the Shining Sea, they can see that the Feywild portals for trade routes are operating again
 They are approached, and charged for the fee for using the portal system
 The toll-keeper warns them of possible creature attacks within the Feywild
o Portal opens, revealing a lush lily-covered river with crystalline waters, covered by overhanging canopies of dense trees and vines
o The sailing is downstream, and fairly easy, until a figure emerges from the trees
 It’s a armored troll, who warns the party to pay a toll or die
o Party ignores him, and they are attacked by a troll warband as a pair of trolls attempt to fell a tree to block the river at the base of the next rapids
 The party repels the trolls as Adrei uses her shadow bridge ritual to prevent the tree from falling onto the river
 As more trolls attack, the players can hear a loud roar and the triumphant yelling of the troll chieftain
o He emerges from the river between them and the exit portal, riding a wyvern
 They attack him, knocking the wyvern and the chieftain prone in the water
o The wyvern follows them out of the portal, and begins to attack eladrin guards on the riverbanks
 The toll-keeper ship immediately sails for help from the nearby city of Seedoh
 It kills two of them and maims a third before the party gets to it
o Mica goes to calm it, feeding it meat while Chia attempted to negotiate with the guards
o Chia implants a hunger for trolls within the wyvern, and they send it back through the portal, to the dismay of the trolls waiting to ambush the next ship
 Adrei revives the dead and injured guards as a Nations of the Fey battleship comes to fend off the wyvern, which already left
o Party then proceeds to the Dwarven Kingdoms, and travel to the capitol
 The cities have many more dwarves, and apparently none of the cities have been abandoned
o Upon entering the capitol, they are greeted by the Elder Guildsman, a advisor to the Low King
 He greets them, and bids them enter
 Just before he leaves, the group notices shifting shapes beneath his robes
o When they are admitted to see the king, he thanks the party for warning him about the developing Blackforge “Burning Lance” weapon
 They also ask about any dwarves with oddly-colored eyes, and he mentions an insane color-shifting dwarf on the edge of town, digging in an abandoned tunnel.
o Party travels over to the Feywild Portal to the Blackforge Protectorate
 They are told that it’s perfectly safe during the day (It’s midday)
o Feywild turns out to be a huge relaxing meadow, with huge furry lizard-bodied creatures grazing on the flowers
 Morna finds out they make “Murp!” noses when startled
 The Dire passes through the other portal right before nightfall
o Party leaves the Dire in a small port town, and travels along to the Blackforge capitol, Silverhammer
 Party notices cartloads of covered dirt leaving through side exits of the city, as though there were some sort of digging occurring
o When Chia mind-probes around, she discovers that one of the buildings is merely a shell over an elevator.
 The elevator goes to a concealed spit of rock near the edge of the magma lake
o Further probing of the elevator guard reveals that the Burning Lance is a name for the digging of a huge channel to flood the halls of the Dwarven Kingdom with magma from below Silverhammer
o Party returns to the Dire, and asks for help from their crew in destroying the Lance
 Several dwarves tell them that they can either destroy the dam holding back the magma with typical gunpowder, or the experimental Jack’s Finest.
 Jack’s Finest can blow a hole in a table with only a few grains of it, requiring a half-dozen small kegs of it instead of a cartload full of gunpowder
 They also get a huge flashbang, a table-sized lightweight sphere of mottled powder that causes a loud explosion and a great deal of temporary flames to serve as a distraction
o Crew collects the explosives, and then travel to Silverhammer
 Morna sneaks into the capitol building of Silverhammer, and plants the flashbang, then quickly flees as she sets off the explosion.
 The rest of the party take advantage of the distraction to send several of their dwarves down the elevator to call all the miners back to defend against the “attack”
o After the dwarves leave, the crew sets up the explosives, and then flees up the elevator as they destroy the dam and the spit of rock, flooding the cavern the miners had been working in with magma.
 This crust would set back the Blackforge plans by at least a few decades of continuous digging
 This explosion causes the dwarves to start going towards the elevator housing, but the party had destroyed this building as well
o The party manages to sweet-talk their way out of fighting a bunch of irate and suspicious dwarves, and they travel to an inn and handsomely reward the dwarves that had helped them destroy the dam
 Unfortunately, the dwarves use this fine sum to get extremely drunk, and only avoid a costly slip of the tongue with Chia and Morna’s timely intervention.
o The party then returns to the Dire, and then sails back to the Dwarven Kingdom to inform the Low King
 After arriving, they are informed by an official that they must leave their weapons at the entrance to the city, as apparently the King had recently had an assassination attempt from a crazed Blackforge Dwarf
 The would-be assassin was screaming something about “ruined years of work and planning” before being apprehended by the guards
o The party meet the King on the bridge across to his meeting hall, and he gives them both his thanks and a platinum trade plate worth 10,000gp.
 Chia and Morna notice the suspicious Elder Guildsman, and Chia attempts to read his mind, but gets nothing but strong psychic feedback.
o Morna tackles him, only to be lifted into the air as the cloak falls and the illusion of the dwarf’s face shimmers and fades to reveal hundreds of thousands of squirming, dusty beetles
o A rumbling voice reveals itself to be called Krik’nar, and he proposes a trade and military alliance between the Low King and his queen from a separate plane
 Morna lights the beetle pile on fire, as Mica calls her sword to her and attacks the beetle swarm
o The King refuses, to which Krik’nar replies that there are three more of the five speak to.
 He then pours out through the holes the fire has burned in the bridge, and distant sounds of flying beetles are heard
o The party is thanked again by the king, and they return to the Dire to investigate the undead in the Nation of the Fey.

Session Twenty: The Corrupted Throne
The party discovers the truth behind the forgeries that abound in the Civer Empire...

o Party arrives in Ramol
o Goes to check on the new Emperor Scurr, but are not given an audience and treated rudely by the new Imperial Magistrate
 The Magistrate has a trade-guild icon on his coat
 Party leaves, and decide to comes back later to try and break in
o Party travels to a popular inn in the docks district where they were told that the Royal Treasurer frequents.
 Party locates the Treasurer, and Morna invites him back to her room at an inn
 Despite the bodyguard’s protests, the Treasurer follows her back to the inn, leaving the guards in the inn tavern
o Morna knocks out the Treasurer, and moves him a few rooms down.
 Party had bought out all rooms on the floor
 Mica smashes the window and then hides on the roof as Morna screams about Red Scarves who kidnapped the Treasurer.
o Bodyguards run out in “pursuit” of the kidnappers, and party retires to their room
o They question the treasurer, and he reveals that Baron Scurr had planted him to water down the currency, weakening the other baronies
 The party ties him up and puts him in their cart
o They travel back out to the capitol building
 A pair of dim-witted guards banters with them temporarily
o They bluff past the guards, and go up into the Emperor’s room
 Morna knocks out the guards, and Chia plants psychic feelings of unease at the Emperor’s dishonesty
 However, they can see that even he was surprised by his election, as Baron Namel was supposed to win.
 Emperor Scurr suspects that Baron Namel promoted him on purpose, possibly to fail and grant Baron Namel an even stronger bid for Emperor later on.
 Party ties up and threatens the Treasurer, and then sneaks out of the building
o The party then decides they have to go to the Dwarven Kingdoms to warn them of the “Burning Lance,” and sail out on the Dire

Session Nineteen: Pirates and Pawn Shops
The party learns that messing around in time can have it's consequences...

o Ship quickly catches up with the pirate vessel
 They board it silently, after being noticed by Nerine from the captain’s chamber
o Break in on Nerine and the captain “in media res”
 Subdue the captain and Nerine
o Morna goes down below disguised as Nerine to check for other infected crewmen
 They discover lots of nude and willing sailors, along with the infected first mate.
 Morna subdues him, and takes him back to their old vessel.
o Audrey heals them of their lycanthropy, and they put Nerine, the first mate, and the captain back in the same bed, naked
 They also revive the helmsman they knocked out to avoid a crash
o Party enters city of Taelas
 Notice that the Realms of the Fey merchant ships are now heavily armed and armored, with troops onboard
o Take their cargo and contraband in their wagon towards merchant/thieves district
o Encounter a guard patrol checking all passing carts
 They tell them that they were the former interim rulers of the Empire
 Guards ask for autographs and inquire as to the wrapped gold-diamond staves
o Party reveals their staves, and the guards immediately step back and level weapons at them
 They tell party that those are Staves of Command from the Nations of the Fey, given only to Nations rulers
 Party manages to convince the guards that they were stolen, and move into the district
o Asking around for a possible fence for their goods
 Audrey finds a drunken Raven Queen paladin in an alley who tells them of Erik, a pawnbroker only a few streets down
o Party travels to Erik’s, finding a large warehouse
 After entering, they are greeted by a half-elf with a hook/detachable hand, who ushers them in and asks what their cargo is
o They show him the Mage Sugar
 He reveals that each bag is worth thousands of gold, and readily buys it from them, along with some assorted goods picked up from the party’s adventures.
 Erik calls for his assistant, a two-headed ogre called Oggh and Grogh, who slightly sample some sugar after moving the cargo
 Party shows Erik the Staves of Command to sell, and he gladly takes them, and pays the party with Civer Empire merchant plates, made from pure platinum
 Also helps Audrey dismantle her staff to make it less conspicuous
o They go and sell their excess horses to a fine livery stable
o Party goes to find a really nice inn
 Audrey heads back to the ship with the drunken paladin to try and clean him up
 Morna thinks she might have seen something on a rooftop.
o They are directed to O’Farrell’s Club, and enter to the sight of a gilded saloon with felt and satin chairs and couches
 Large, burley man behind the counter asks what they would like, and calls for butlers to usher the party to their rooms
o Everyone asks for a bath, and begin to clean themselves up.
 Mica tosses her armor in the bath with her, and begins to scrub it, to the dismay of the porcelain tub cleaner waiting in the hallway
 Morna calls for male maids to clean her, and then calls for ten of them for “personal cleaning and massage”
 She then has a bath, and calls for ten more for more “Personal cleaning and massaging”
 Mica finished cleaning and oiling her armor, and then has another bath
 Chia cleans up, gets a nice dress, and goes down for a lavish dinner
o Morna and Mica finish, and go down for dinner as well
 Morna gets a fine silver-inlaid bottle of elvish wine
 Mica gets a bottle of magically-enhanced ale
 Meanwhile, on the boat, the paladin murmurs in his sleep”…Burning Lance is… and the dwarves… must warn them…*snore*”
o Chia speaks with an elvish merchant, who tells them of the history they missed
 This information is supplemented by a history book she got from Erik
 Apparently the temple of Sehanine not only defended against the raiding force that tried to destroy the temple, they killed all of the supply caravans and people supporting the troops, including women and children
 They reformed into the “Fists of the Goddess,” and began taking over the Realms both politically and militarily
 Formed into the Nation of the Fey, and became very strong militarily
 Several small to major skirmishes between the Nation and the Civer Empire
 Also mentions that apparently there are undead seen in the southeastern forests of the Nation
 They are required to be allowed to roam free under command from the Fists of the Goddess and their puppet government
o Chia also goes to speak with a dwarven merchant as well
 Finds out that the Dwarven Kingdoms are actually doing well, and are thriving and no longer have any abandoned cities
o Asks him about “any big projects,” attempting to see if the Abyssal Tunnel is still in production/finished
 Reading his mind, she sees that all they had was a mine collapse in the area the Abyssal Tunnel entrance was, and as a result, they never began the Tunnel
o Chia then speaks with a human merchant
 Finds out that Baron Scurr was made Emperor, despite Baron Namel being the popular choice for the position
o After asking about counterfeit coins, they find that many counterfeit coins were coming from Congham, Baron Scurr’s city, as well as the capitol of Ramol
 Baron Scurr had apparently put one of his men in position as the Imperial Treasurer.
 One of the human merchant’s tax collector friends had apparently discovered something suspicious at the capitol a few months ago, and then disappeared and was found dead.
o Party finishes with their meal, and gets the bill
o Party leaves and gets on the Dire, and sets sail for the capitol of Ramol

Session Eighteen: The Sisters Revealed
The Party finds out about the shrouded history of the Bronze Lich

(Note: Party became Paragon.)
 While on the boat, Morna honed her skills at teleportation and striking unseen from shadows of her own making
 Audrey prayed to the Raven Queen to grant her additional boons versus the foul undead ahead.
 Mica simply meditated with her blade, becoming even more attuned to it
 Chia began experimenting with reading the minds of the passengers more thoroughly, exerting her growing psychic talent
o Party goes to find Morvrus
o Go to guard barracks and prison
 Morna and Mica sneak into the prison, while Chia and Audrey sweet-talk the guards, and tell the guard Sergeant that they helped defeat the necromancer
 He tells them about the warlock with the necromantic taint in their dungeons.
 She apparently has barely spoken since she was captured.
 Party goes to speak with her
o Party meets Morvrus, and she is almost identical to Lady Whitehall.
 Chia begins probing her thoughts psychically
 She mentally speaks with them, asking why they are there
 They can detect the presence of an undead soul in her mind
o After asking, she reveals that she and another sister were part of one of Ostereth’s rituals
 She apparently turned both sisters into living phylacteries
 The spell greatly extended the lifespan of the sisters
 When Morvrus tried to remove it, the psychic and magical trauma sent her mad for 75 years
o Party successfully manages to remove and destroy the psychic embodiment in Morvrus, with minimal residual damage.
o However, after leaving the prison they see a huge, faraway skull of lightning rise on the horizon, and distantly explode into lightning bolts
 Each huge bolt is the size of an entire river, and appear to each be headed towards major cities
o The eladrin magi hurriedly begin to open a Feywild portal to catch to bolt, while most of the town flees.
 The party assists, and a portal is just barely wide enough to engulf it, and then hurriedly closed before the bolt hits the Feywild.
 The plate-sized hole that existed when the bolt hit allows a narrow beam of blue energy to lash into the sky, revealing what almost happened to the city
 Beams in the distance reveal similar, successful use of the portals in other Eladrin cities
 But several brilliant flashes on the horizon reveal several unlucky cities of the Acucari Collective being obliterated.
o The town then rewards each of the magi and the players with gold staves topped with diamonds the size of fists and worth a fortune.
 Mica feels party of her being faintly tugged for a few moments back forward in time
o Party travels to the temple of Sehanine, and interacts with the worshippers there
 Morna questions a leaving group, and learns of a reclusive hermit woman near the edges of the commune
o She speaks with the hermit, and discovers she is Sangvrus, the last sister to Ostereth and Morvrus and identical to both.
 Sangvrus reveals that she has locked the phylactery’s soul away within her mind, to prevent Ostereth from using it to spy or control her
 However, if the soul is killed, Sangvrus will die as well.
o Chia meets the commune leaders, and discovers that it is her grandmother and grandfather
 They happily speak, and Chia warns them of the temple’s destruction in the future
 They agree to prevent that
o After a tearful farewell, the Party allows the magic of the Warpvines to return them to the present.
 The druids at the Warpvine Temple speak with them about their journey
 One of them warns the party that their actions could have had dire consequences
o Discussion is interrupted by the report of a dead monk near the Temple.
 He has been bitten and scratched severely
 Morna notices he has oddly thick and long hair growth, and that several of the cuts were very recently healed.
o Audrey uses her Last Vision ritual, and discovers he was approached by a woman in a green sash, who then attacked and bit him
 His last glimpse of the face reveals it to be Nerine
 Monk started to become a werewolf before he died.
o Party goes to the colony, and is stopped at the gates
 Guard asks them to draw blood with a silvered dagger
o After they pass the test and enter, they find that Nerine’s escape from the healing temple resulted in dozens dead or wounded (without lycanthropy)
 Temple elder accuses the party of consorting with her, and attempts to frame them
 They leave on the Dire, and swing around to a secluded bit of coast to search for Nerine
o Morna and Mica notice the signs of a boat on the shore, and dozens of footsteps going into the jungle
o They hear and surprise a man walking out of the bushes.
 He reveals that he was part of a group of pirates and smugglers, and that they must have left him behind for taking too long
 He is fearful of Chia, calling her one of the “Goddess’s Fists” and mentioning the Nation of the Fey
o After taking them to the jungle, he shows them what they had buried to hide; Mage Sugar
 Mage Sugar is a non-addictive antidepressant that allows the user to gain minor (cantrip-level) magical ability for a brief time (until end of turn)
 Each of the bags is worth several thousand gold.
o Party leaves the jungle, and take the contraband to the Dire, and then return to the coast to search for Nerine
 They discover a camp overlooking the colony, where it appears she was a few hours ago
 In the camp is the body of one of the pirates
 They find feminine footsteps in the jungle indicating she went with the pirates to Taelas
o The party sets sail to try to intercept Nerine before she reaches the city.


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