Arevean Nights

Session Eighteen: The Sisters Revealed

The Party finds out about the shrouded history of the Bronze Lich

(Note: Party became Paragon.)
 While on the boat, Morna honed her skills at teleportation and striking unseen from shadows of her own making
 Audrey prayed to the Raven Queen to grant her additional boons versus the foul undead ahead.
 Mica simply meditated with her blade, becoming even more attuned to it
 Chia began experimenting with reading the minds of the passengers more thoroughly, exerting her growing psychic talent
o Party goes to find Morvrus
o Go to guard barracks and prison
 Morna and Mica sneak into the prison, while Chia and Audrey sweet-talk the guards, and tell the guard Sergeant that they helped defeat the necromancer
 He tells them about the warlock with the necromantic taint in their dungeons.
 She apparently has barely spoken since she was captured.
 Party goes to speak with her
o Party meets Morvrus, and she is almost identical to Lady Whitehall.
 Chia begins probing her thoughts psychically
 She mentally speaks with them, asking why they are there
 They can detect the presence of an undead soul in her mind
o After asking, she reveals that she and another sister were part of one of Ostereth’s rituals
 She apparently turned both sisters into living phylacteries
 The spell greatly extended the lifespan of the sisters
 When Morvrus tried to remove it, the psychic and magical trauma sent her mad for 75 years
o Party successfully manages to remove and destroy the psychic embodiment in Morvrus, with minimal residual damage.
o However, after leaving the prison they see a huge, faraway skull of lightning rise on the horizon, and distantly explode into lightning bolts
 Each huge bolt is the size of an entire river, and appear to each be headed towards major cities
o The eladrin magi hurriedly begin to open a Feywild portal to catch to bolt, while most of the town flees.
 The party assists, and a portal is just barely wide enough to engulf it, and then hurriedly closed before the bolt hits the Feywild.
 The plate-sized hole that existed when the bolt hit allows a narrow beam of blue energy to lash into the sky, revealing what almost happened to the city
 Beams in the distance reveal similar, successful use of the portals in other Eladrin cities
 But several brilliant flashes on the horizon reveal several unlucky cities of the Acucari Collective being obliterated.
o The town then rewards each of the magi and the players with gold staves topped with diamonds the size of fists and worth a fortune.
 Mica feels party of her being faintly tugged for a few moments back forward in time
o Party travels to the temple of Sehanine, and interacts with the worshippers there
 Morna questions a leaving group, and learns of a reclusive hermit woman near the edges of the commune
o She speaks with the hermit, and discovers she is Sangvrus, the last sister to Ostereth and Morvrus and identical to both.
 Sangvrus reveals that she has locked the phylactery’s soul away within her mind, to prevent Ostereth from using it to spy or control her
 However, if the soul is killed, Sangvrus will die as well.
o Chia meets the commune leaders, and discovers that it is her grandmother and grandfather
 They happily speak, and Chia warns them of the temple’s destruction in the future
 They agree to prevent that
o After a tearful farewell, the Party allows the magic of the Warpvines to return them to the present.
 The druids at the Warpvine Temple speak with them about their journey
 One of them warns the party that their actions could have had dire consequences
o Discussion is interrupted by the report of a dead monk near the Temple.
 He has been bitten and scratched severely
 Morna notices he has oddly thick and long hair growth, and that several of the cuts were very recently healed.
o Audrey uses her Last Vision ritual, and discovers he was approached by a woman in a green sash, who then attacked and bit him
 His last glimpse of the face reveals it to be Nerine
 Monk started to become a werewolf before he died.
o Party goes to the colony, and is stopped at the gates
 Guard asks them to draw blood with a silvered dagger
o After they pass the test and enter, they find that Nerine’s escape from the healing temple resulted in dozens dead or wounded (without lycanthropy)
 Temple elder accuses the party of consorting with her, and attempts to frame them
 They leave on the Dire, and swing around to a secluded bit of coast to search for Nerine
o Morna and Mica notice the signs of a boat on the shore, and dozens of footsteps going into the jungle
o They hear and surprise a man walking out of the bushes.
 He reveals that he was part of a group of pirates and smugglers, and that they must have left him behind for taking too long
 He is fearful of Chia, calling her one of the “Goddess’s Fists” and mentioning the Nation of the Fey
o After taking them to the jungle, he shows them what they had buried to hide; Mage Sugar
 Mage Sugar is a non-addictive antidepressant that allows the user to gain minor (cantrip-level) magical ability for a brief time (until end of turn)
 Each of the bags is worth several thousand gold.
o Party leaves the jungle, and take the contraband to the Dire, and then return to the coast to search for Nerine
 They discover a camp overlooking the colony, where it appears she was a few hours ago
 In the camp is the body of one of the pirates
 They find feminine footsteps in the jungle indicating she went with the pirates to Taelas
o The party sets sail to try to intercept Nerine before she reaches the city.



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