Arevean Nights

Session Nineteen: Pirates and Pawn Shops

The party learns that messing around in time can have it's consequences...

o Ship quickly catches up with the pirate vessel
 They board it silently, after being noticed by Nerine from the captain’s chamber
o Break in on Nerine and the captain “in media res”
 Subdue the captain and Nerine
o Morna goes down below disguised as Nerine to check for other infected crewmen
 They discover lots of nude and willing sailors, along with the infected first mate.
 Morna subdues him, and takes him back to their old vessel.
o Audrey heals them of their lycanthropy, and they put Nerine, the first mate, and the captain back in the same bed, naked
 They also revive the helmsman they knocked out to avoid a crash
o Party enters city of Taelas
 Notice that the Realms of the Fey merchant ships are now heavily armed and armored, with troops onboard
o Take their cargo and contraband in their wagon towards merchant/thieves district
o Encounter a guard patrol checking all passing carts
 They tell them that they were the former interim rulers of the Empire
 Guards ask for autographs and inquire as to the wrapped gold-diamond staves
o Party reveals their staves, and the guards immediately step back and level weapons at them
 They tell party that those are Staves of Command from the Nations of the Fey, given only to Nations rulers
 Party manages to convince the guards that they were stolen, and move into the district
o Asking around for a possible fence for their goods
 Audrey finds a drunken Raven Queen paladin in an alley who tells them of Erik, a pawnbroker only a few streets down
o Party travels to Erik’s, finding a large warehouse
 After entering, they are greeted by a half-elf with a hook/detachable hand, who ushers them in and asks what their cargo is
o They show him the Mage Sugar
 He reveals that each bag is worth thousands of gold, and readily buys it from them, along with some assorted goods picked up from the party’s adventures.
 Erik calls for his assistant, a two-headed ogre called Oggh and Grogh, who slightly sample some sugar after moving the cargo
 Party shows Erik the Staves of Command to sell, and he gladly takes them, and pays the party with Civer Empire merchant plates, made from pure platinum
 Also helps Audrey dismantle her staff to make it less conspicuous
o They go and sell their excess horses to a fine livery stable
o Party goes to find a really nice inn
 Audrey heads back to the ship with the drunken paladin to try and clean him up
 Morna thinks she might have seen something on a rooftop.
o They are directed to O’Farrell’s Club, and enter to the sight of a gilded saloon with felt and satin chairs and couches
 Large, burley man behind the counter asks what they would like, and calls for butlers to usher the party to their rooms
o Everyone asks for a bath, and begin to clean themselves up.
 Mica tosses her armor in the bath with her, and begins to scrub it, to the dismay of the porcelain tub cleaner waiting in the hallway
 Morna calls for male maids to clean her, and then calls for ten of them for “personal cleaning and massage”
 She then has a bath, and calls for ten more for more “Personal cleaning and massaging”
 Mica finished cleaning and oiling her armor, and then has another bath
 Chia cleans up, gets a nice dress, and goes down for a lavish dinner
o Morna and Mica finish, and go down for dinner as well
 Morna gets a fine silver-inlaid bottle of elvish wine
 Mica gets a bottle of magically-enhanced ale
 Meanwhile, on the boat, the paladin murmurs in his sleep”…Burning Lance is… and the dwarves… must warn them…*snore*”
o Chia speaks with an elvish merchant, who tells them of the history they missed
 This information is supplemented by a history book she got from Erik
 Apparently the temple of Sehanine not only defended against the raiding force that tried to destroy the temple, they killed all of the supply caravans and people supporting the troops, including women and children
 They reformed into the “Fists of the Goddess,” and began taking over the Realms both politically and militarily
 Formed into the Nation of the Fey, and became very strong militarily
 Several small to major skirmishes between the Nation and the Civer Empire
 Also mentions that apparently there are undead seen in the southeastern forests of the Nation
 They are required to be allowed to roam free under command from the Fists of the Goddess and their puppet government
o Chia also goes to speak with a dwarven merchant as well
 Finds out that the Dwarven Kingdoms are actually doing well, and are thriving and no longer have any abandoned cities
o Asks him about “any big projects,” attempting to see if the Abyssal Tunnel is still in production/finished
 Reading his mind, she sees that all they had was a mine collapse in the area the Abyssal Tunnel entrance was, and as a result, they never began the Tunnel
o Chia then speaks with a human merchant
 Finds out that Baron Scurr was made Emperor, despite Baron Namel being the popular choice for the position
o After asking about counterfeit coins, they find that many counterfeit coins were coming from Congham, Baron Scurr’s city, as well as the capitol of Ramol
 Baron Scurr had apparently put one of his men in position as the Imperial Treasurer.
 One of the human merchant’s tax collector friends had apparently discovered something suspicious at the capitol a few months ago, and then disappeared and was found dead.
o Party finishes with their meal, and gets the bill
o Party leaves and gets on the Dire, and sets sail for the capitol of Ramol



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