Arevean Nights

Session One: Church-going Zombies

o Morna and Chia enter Tidas, and go to temple
 Meet Father Pipen
 Hear about undead attacks
o Zombies attack temple, after meeting Father Pipen
 Kill everyone except barkeep and Father Pipen, and see necromancer leading the undead
o Repel zombies and pursue lead necromancer out of city
 Father Pipen accompanies them, with promise of ~1,000gp reward
o Pursue necromancer across moor to the Ruins of Creath
 Abandoned and sandy city has a few faint footprints leading to ruined city center and crypts
o Search city, and enter city, fighting giant rats and avoiding zombies
 Kill 2 rats, scare 1 away and sneak around an old skeleton
o Meet the Necromancer, Grimoire Doomseeker and kill him
 He was drawing blood from a large well for replenishment
 After he dies, reveals he is not alone, and is killed by his master to prevent interrogation
• Right eye ignites, then burns skull
o Save Doomseeker’s head, and travel to the capitol of Ramol.



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