Arevean Nights

Session Seven: Flaming, Furry, Cryonic, Monodextrous Action

The attack in the depressing city leads to the pursuit of the leader of the cultists...

o Flaming skull destroys majority of cart, and they attack the cultists.
 Morna and Chia flee down the hill, eventually followed by Mica
• Morna sprains her ankle going down
o Gwen arrives by boat, and attacks Cesk Alat
 Runs along rooftop after fleeing a pair of cultists in the port
o Group defeats cultists and cryopods, and cut off Alat’s hand in the manor
 He begins spell, summoning a golden key, but is bloodied and teleports away
o Alat flees, and Morna manages to follow him to some hidden refuge, where he flees again
 Realizes that he has the Eye of Vecna
 Discovers some potions and scrolls, and then destroys hideout by releasing pent-up magma
o Morna destroys hideout, and returns to manor in Dunch
 Key from spell has bound itself to Chia’s hand
o Key in Chia’s hand causes her to open the trapdoor
 Unsuccessfully attempts to stop the key, and the party is thrown across the room
o Werewolf escapes the room beneath the trapdoor
 Gwen was bitten
o Party discovers the solution to the riddle Morna recovers from Alat’s hideout.
 Mentioning Pi causes scroll to form a golden compass pointing to the southeast of the sea
o Party investigates mayor for treason
 He has committed suicide, but they save his head
o Party travels to Ramol
 Get bounty for cultists
 Get only 100gp for the mayor because Rytual knew he was a traitor
o Party follows the scroll across the sea to the mountains northwest of Port Blackwater



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