Arevean Nights

Session Six: Snowy Treachery

After a sudden ambush, the mysterious snowfall in the north bears investigating...

o Upon return to Ramol for reward, Morna, Chia, and Adrei are attacked by a group of assassins and Black Magi from Lord Patan’s Domain, led by the assassin Mica.
 She mutinies and helps the group defeat the attackers.
o They receive their reward from High Chancellor Rytual, and a random snowstorm begins
 Both the party and Crimson sparks manage to find the magical source is across the sea.
o They trace snow to city of Dunch, and investigate
 Check around the Mayor’s manor after briefly visiting the inn
o Discover Cesk Alat is behind this, to freeze the unprepared citizens of the Empire to produce lots of corpses for zombies
 He’s speaking to Dunch’s mayor
 Apparently using a network of cryomagic orbs on tripods set up over the town to form the matrix for the spell
 Discovered listening at the door,
o Flee up the cliffs surrounding the town, killing a few cultists
 Cart rolls down a few switchbacks, damaging it
o Cultists discover them, and raise the alarm.
 Cesk Alat sends a flaming skull at them and their broken cart.



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