Arevean Nights

Session Twenty-Five: The Chase within the City-Ship

The party finds that enraged cat-creatures are very adept at psychics...

o The Dire arrives at Mirdemost, the location the Scarab Amulets indicate has another amulet carrier.
o They are told that the mayor has been acting slightly suspicious, only addressing the public from his balcony every few days and that his office is on the top deck of the city.
 After waiting for his hooded assistant to leave for the daily merchant audit, the party clumsily sneaks up to the office balcony after falling and evading the guards.
o They easily break into the room, and find a scroll that contains a threat from Lord Patan about their militarization and lack of willingness to ally with his country
 Everything in the room has a thin layer of dust
o The party also notices that someone else has been in the room before them, and after a careful check find that the other intruder had entered and crawled along the ceiling.
 They find a magical source coming from the bedroom of the office, and find the magically preserved corpse of the mayor, apparently converted into an automaton.
o They dismiss the magic, and then travel downstairs to check the assistant’s office.
 His door is magically warded, and they only partially manage to prevent it from going off
 The interior of the room is filled with a thick coat of dust, save for a single path from the door to his closet
 Cavo warns them that the assistant is suddenly hurrying back to his office
o Inside the closet, they find a rope ladder that when unfurled is directly above the roof of a bar and gambling den on the deck below
 They all hurry down and enter the building through a trapdoor on the roof.
o They find themselves in a private room, apparently the bar owners. Inside is a bed, fireplace, and a chest
 The chest contains thousands of platinum pieces, and a broken and scratched Scarab Amulet
o The party hides as they hear the owner approach up the stairs. The bar owner is an eladrin missing his hand and with a huge burn across half of his face.
 He enters, drinks and muses about for a bit, and then heads back downstairs
o The hooded assistant then climbs down the ladder, and enters the room
 The party can see that it too has a Scarab Amulet
o It hisses and throws back its hood, revealing a feline face with a secondary set of insect-like eyes.
 However, after scanning the room with these eyes, it leaves the room and heads down the stairs.
o The party leaves the room through the trapdoor after taking the platinum and the broken amulet, and enter the main entrance of the tavern.
o There are several tables playing various types of cards, and a distinctive man in the back of the room wearing a light blue cloak, with a wide-brimmed hat concealing his eyes, and a broad smile.
 The sit down at the bar near a private group room, where the hooded assistant and the bar owner are.
 Morna “accidentally” stumbles into their room, and sees that the third member in the room is a quiet man identical to the distinctive man outside gambling.
o Morna is removed from the room, and the party goes into the alleyway as Chia probes the owner’s mind to find out what is going on.
o She discovers that the owner took the amulet off of someone else, but was unable to get it to function. Also, apparently both he and the hooded assistant are allies with Krik’nar, with the man in the blue hat as a neutral party.
 However, a hissing voice is heard as the cat-creature detects their psychic intrusion, and they lead the bar patrons out in a mob to try to chase the party
o The party hides back and blends with the mob, as Morna sneaks forward and steals the amulet from the cat-creature.
 The man in the blue hat notices Morna before she grabs the amulet, but says nothing and smiles widely before continuing the “chase”
 Enraged, it quickly climbs onto the building she teleported onto behind her and begins chasing her
 The rest of the party sneaks back to the ship
o Morna phases down through the decks and barely avoids hitting a pile of rusted and salt-encrusted eladrin corpses and their weapons, landing in seawater
 The bodies are filling the lower deck, but Morna landed in the water and can swim through the gash in the side of the city-ship to the Dire
o After returning to the ship, they follow the next amulet pulse that directs them to the Dwarven Kingdoms.
o In the capitol, they follow the trail of the amulets to a mining company’s building
 Inside the building, they can see several dwarves relaxing, and making fun of a captive umber hulk in a nearby cage
o The umber hulk has an amulet embedded into it’s carapace near its neck.



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