Arevean Nights

Session Twenty-Four: Revelations of a Darkened Sun

In which the party meets a new friend from a distant plane...

o Party returns to joyous celebration in village
 Praised as heroes, and given a feast in their honor
o The elves send off a runner to the nearby city to inform them of the joyous news and of their savior by the party
 They think the party was sent by the Nation of the Fey
o Party decides to make a hasty exit, and moves off into the forest
o Soon, they hear a Feywild portal open nearby
 The party sees a male tiefling in the distance look at the party, and then vanish into the underbrush
o A noise is heard, and after the party hides in the trees, a burly, stubby human-looking creature rush past them and into the portal
o He’s followed shortly by a half-dozen armored Eladrin, two of which are holding the leashes of a pair of huge hunting dogs.
 Party drops down and asks them their business.
o After finding he’s an escaped slave who assaulted Chia’s parents, they let them pass, and then follow them secretly into the portal as it closes.
 They follow the trail the slave made, eschewing the ancient stone trail the eladrin are following.
o They manage to head off the slave, and offer him their assistance.
 After he accepts, they take him through another portal, escaping as it closes and leaving the eladrin behind in the Feywild
o They find out he’s a mul, a human-dwarf half-breed, and that he was captured by the Nation of the Fey after being randomly teleported here from his home plane of Athas, the planet of the Dark Sun.
 On Athas he was a slave to a sorcerer-king, and after arriving here, he was imprisoned by the eladrin.
 He assaulted Chia’s parents after they tortured him.
 The mul gladly accepts the offer to be part of the crew, and travels with them to the port town.
o They arrive in town right ahead of the messenger sent from the village, so they rush to their ships and out of the port
 The mul is incredulous at the ocean and the amount of water nearby.
o The Dire begins to sail around to the south where they can detect the presence of another carrier of a Scarab Amulet.



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