Arevean Nights

Session Twenty-One: Revelations of the Lance

The party travels to Silverhammer to foil the Blackforge plot, while a spy amongst allies will soon be revealed...

o As the Dire reaches the swamps between the Sea of Zazim and the Shining Sea, they can see that the Feywild portals for trade routes are operating again
 They are approached, and charged for the fee for using the portal system
 The toll-keeper warns them of possible creature attacks within the Feywild
o Portal opens, revealing a lush lily-covered river with crystalline waters, covered by overhanging canopies of dense trees and vines
o The sailing is downstream, and fairly easy, until a figure emerges from the trees
 It’s a armored troll, who warns the party to pay a toll or die
o Party ignores him, and they are attacked by a troll warband as a pair of trolls attempt to fell a tree to block the river at the base of the next rapids
 The party repels the trolls as Adrei uses her shadow bridge ritual to prevent the tree from falling onto the river
 As more trolls attack, the players can hear a loud roar and the triumphant yelling of the troll chieftain
o He emerges from the river between them and the exit portal, riding a wyvern
 They attack him, knocking the wyvern and the chieftain prone in the water
o The wyvern follows them out of the portal, and begins to attack eladrin guards on the riverbanks
 The toll-keeper ship immediately sails for help from the nearby city of Seedoh
 It kills two of them and maims a third before the party gets to it
o Mica goes to calm it, feeding it meat while Chia attempted to negotiate with the guards
o Chia implants a hunger for trolls within the wyvern, and they send it back through the portal, to the dismay of the trolls waiting to ambush the next ship
 Adrei revives the dead and injured guards as a Nations of the Fey battleship comes to fend off the wyvern, which already left
o Party then proceeds to the Dwarven Kingdoms, and travel to the capitol
 The cities have many more dwarves, and apparently none of the cities have been abandoned
o Upon entering the capitol, they are greeted by the Elder Guildsman, a advisor to the Low King
 He greets them, and bids them enter
 Just before he leaves, the group notices shifting shapes beneath his robes
o When they are admitted to see the king, he thanks the party for warning him about the developing Blackforge “Burning Lance” weapon
 They also ask about any dwarves with oddly-colored eyes, and he mentions an insane color-shifting dwarf on the edge of town, digging in an abandoned tunnel.
o Party travels over to the Feywild Portal to the Blackforge Protectorate
 They are told that it’s perfectly safe during the day (It’s midday)
o Feywild turns out to be a huge relaxing meadow, with huge furry lizard-bodied creatures grazing on the flowers
 Morna finds out they make “Murp!” noses when startled
 The Dire passes through the other portal right before nightfall
o Party leaves the Dire in a small port town, and travels along to the Blackforge capitol, Silverhammer
 Party notices cartloads of covered dirt leaving through side exits of the city, as though there were some sort of digging occurring
o When Chia mind-probes around, she discovers that one of the buildings is merely a shell over an elevator.
 The elevator goes to a concealed spit of rock near the edge of the magma lake
o Further probing of the elevator guard reveals that the Burning Lance is a name for the digging of a huge channel to flood the halls of the Dwarven Kingdom with magma from below Silverhammer
o Party returns to the Dire, and asks for help from their crew in destroying the Lance
 Several dwarves tell them that they can either destroy the dam holding back the magma with typical gunpowder, or the experimental Jack’s Finest.
 Jack’s Finest can blow a hole in a table with only a few grains of it, requiring a half-dozen small kegs of it instead of a cartload full of gunpowder
 They also get a huge flashbang, a table-sized lightweight sphere of mottled powder that causes a loud explosion and a great deal of temporary flames to serve as a distraction
o Crew collects the explosives, and then travel to Silverhammer
 Morna sneaks into the capitol building of Silverhammer, and plants the flashbang, then quickly flees as she sets off the explosion.
 The rest of the party take advantage of the distraction to send several of their dwarves down the elevator to call all the miners back to defend against the “attack”
o After the dwarves leave, the crew sets up the explosives, and then flees up the elevator as they destroy the dam and the spit of rock, flooding the cavern the miners had been working in with magma.
 This crust would set back the Blackforge plans by at least a few decades of continuous digging
 This explosion causes the dwarves to start going towards the elevator housing, but the party had destroyed this building as well
o The party manages to sweet-talk their way out of fighting a bunch of irate and suspicious dwarves, and they travel to an inn and handsomely reward the dwarves that had helped them destroy the dam
 Unfortunately, the dwarves use this fine sum to get extremely drunk, and only avoid a costly slip of the tongue with Chia and Morna’s timely intervention.
o The party then returns to the Dire, and then sails back to the Dwarven Kingdom to inform the Low King
 After arriving, they are informed by an official that they must leave their weapons at the entrance to the city, as apparently the King had recently had an assassination attempt from a crazed Blackforge Dwarf
 The would-be assassin was screaming something about “ruined years of work and planning” before being apprehended by the guards
o The party meet the King on the bridge across to his meeting hall, and he gives them both his thanks and a platinum trade plate worth 10,000gp.
 Chia and Morna notice the suspicious Elder Guildsman, and Chia attempts to read his mind, but gets nothing but strong psychic feedback.
o Morna tackles him, only to be lifted into the air as the cloak falls and the illusion of the dwarf’s face shimmers and fades to reveal hundreds of thousands of squirming, dusty beetles
o A rumbling voice reveals itself to be called Krik’nar, and he proposes a trade and military alliance between the Low King and his queen from a separate plane
 Morna lights the beetle pile on fire, as Mica calls her sword to her and attacks the beetle swarm
o The King refuses, to which Krik’nar replies that there are three more of the five speak to.
 He then pours out through the holes the fire has burned in the bridge, and distant sounds of flying beetles are heard
o The party is thanked again by the king, and they return to the Dire to investigate the undead in the Nation of the Fey.



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