Arevean Nights

Session Twenty-Seven: Nemesis Reunion

Lord Patan finally meets with the Party in person, and gives them a single task to avoid execution....

o Morna hides on the other plane, sneaking along to follow the army
o Lord Patan threatens to kill the party and their army, especially Morna and Mica, but Adrei convinces him that instead they should redeem their crimes by reviving his dead son
 He agrees, but warns them that they will have to defeat Tassadar permanently, as he has held his son’s soul in his realm
 He also asks if they could attempt to free his wife, trapped by a curse by Tassadar in a magic mirror.
o They agree, and travel there through a portal in Lord Patan’s capitol
o On the other side is a blasted landscape with a small city made mostly of brass and stone surrounded by as high wall
 They see blue humanoids following them on the ridgelines of the mesas on both sides
 They ask them for help, and are told that they are Belgoi, and that they have been cursed and are unable to enter the city due to Tassadar’s magic barriers
o They advise the party of a possible entrance guarded by a massive blue-skinned creature on a chain, covered in spiny scales and ridges
 Instead, party phases through the walls and frees the creature
 It begins to rampage and wreak havoc in the city
o The party goes to the massive slave district of the city
 Within are hundreds of walled and guarded courtyards, containing the slaves and homes of the efreet slave-masters
 The party begins formulating a plan, and starts spreading information and weapons to the slaves
o They signal the breakout, and the slaves overrun the district, and are met by the guards of the city
o The party rushes to the warded buildings that contain the sigils guarding the city
 Destroying the them released undead spirits into the city, as well as allowing the Belgoi to enter the city and turn the tide of battle
o They then begin to batter down the doors to Tassadars palace
 He easily kills the two large blue-spined creatures that broke down the doors, and begins to summon the power of the Far Realm again
 Unfortunately, the staff he channeled his power through was cracked, and shattered, killing him in a spectacular explosion
o Morna removed a finger from his corpse as proof of his death, and the party led the refugee slaves back into Lord Patan’s Domain
 After defeating a enormous centipede left as a trap by Tassadar, they return to their original plane
o Lord Patan grudgingly allows them to be granted full citizen rights, and they proceed to revive his son
 Adrei also manages to free his wife from the crystal mirror, and she reveals that she is Adrei’s aunt, her mother’s sister
o The party leaves with the gratitude of Lord Patan and commuted sentences, and travels to the Dwarven Kingdom
 They are told that the king was assassinated by a crazy dwarf, who the party suspects was controlled by mindflayers
o After meeting with the former king’s advisor, they see that the four elite guards that close the door as they leave all have the colored eyes indicating they are under control of a mindflayer—



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