Arevean Nights

Session Twenty-Six: Pater/Mater/Regicide

A plane is saved as a new Queen is crowned...

o They speak to umber hulk after neutralizing the guards
 He works with Krik’nar, and they are attempting to recruit allies against a powerful efreet, Tassadar, preparing to attack their plane
o They free him, and he tells them that if they can offer greater benefits than those promised by Ostereth, they’ll agree to using them as allies and reward them well.
o Party splits up and starts recruiting
 They get troops from the Cursebreakers
 As well as from the capitol for the Civer Empire
 And some from the Dwarven Kingdoms
o Chia goes to see her parents
 First visits the site of the original temple of Sehanine
 Only the temple is intact, with the grounds unkempt
o She visits the room that held Sangvrus, Ostereth’s sister
 Her desiccated skeleton has had the back of it’s head broken open, suggesting that Ostereth freed her soul from there
o Chia goes to the capitol to confront her parents
 They attempt to placate her, but she uses her powers to sever the heavy curtains of the darkened room, letting in the moonlight
o Her parents burst into flames due to their impiety, and she uses her newly found rule to order the exposure of all citizens of the capitol to moonlight, revealing those who have forsaken Sehanine’s teachings
 She then sends the necessary troops to the meeting point for the party’s forces
o The location is north of the Dwarven Kingdoms, a huge crumbling sandstone arch with a portal within
 The umber hulk leads them inside, robes and insignia appearing on his carapace as he enters
o The party leads their troops to the designated city, with the enemy army on the horizon
 Within the city are factions of a death god as well as some sort of snake cult
 They summon avatars of their god as the army attacks and the efreet reveals himself
o Tassadar begins to open a rift to the Far Realm, and tentacles and horrors begin to enter the plane
 The party manages to seal the rift by destroying the floating stones that held it open, and the avatars and the army manage to defeat and banish the efreet.
o The party returns through the portal, with Morna stopping to get the Hand of Vecna that was the reward for their help, without Mica or Adrei’s knowledge.
o Outside of the portal, they are met by tens of thousands of Lord Patan’s troops, led by Lord Patan himself.



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