Arevean Nights

Session Twenty: The Corrupted Throne

The party discovers the truth behind the forgeries that abound in the Civer Empire...

o Party arrives in Ramol
o Goes to check on the new Emperor Scurr, but are not given an audience and treated rudely by the new Imperial Magistrate
 The Magistrate has a trade-guild icon on his coat
 Party leaves, and decide to comes back later to try and break in
o Party travels to a popular inn in the docks district where they were told that the Royal Treasurer frequents.
 Party locates the Treasurer, and Morna invites him back to her room at an inn
 Despite the bodyguard’s protests, the Treasurer follows her back to the inn, leaving the guards in the inn tavern
o Morna knocks out the Treasurer, and moves him a few rooms down.
 Party had bought out all rooms on the floor
 Mica smashes the window and then hides on the roof as Morna screams about Red Scarves who kidnapped the Treasurer.
o Bodyguards run out in “pursuit” of the kidnappers, and party retires to their room
o They question the treasurer, and he reveals that Baron Scurr had planted him to water down the currency, weakening the other baronies
 The party ties him up and puts him in their cart
o They travel back out to the capitol building
 A pair of dim-witted guards banters with them temporarily
o They bluff past the guards, and go up into the Emperor’s room
 Morna knocks out the guards, and Chia plants psychic feelings of unease at the Emperor’s dishonesty
 However, they can see that even he was surprised by his election, as Baron Namel was supposed to win.
 Emperor Scurr suspects that Baron Namel promoted him on purpose, possibly to fail and grant Baron Namel an even stronger bid for Emperor later on.
 Party ties up and threatens the Treasurer, and then sneaks out of the building
o The party then decides they have to go to the Dwarven Kingdoms to warn them of the “Burning Lance,” and sail out on the Dire



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