Arevean Nights

Session Twenty-Two: The Pit and the Shade

In which the party discovers the whereabouts of Ostereth's minions and a new area of operations...

o Party travels to Nation of the Fey
 Decide to search the south-eastern portion of country to try to find Ostereth’s base
 They find some zombies, all shambling in a single direction
o The party reaches the edge of a huge mining pit dug into the ground, with thousands of zombies slowly digging through it
 The zombies are either bringing armfuls of dirt to a few Fist of the Goddess troops at the center of the pit, near a large stone entryway, or shambling off to deposit the dirt in the jungle nearby
 Party realizes this is the approximate whereabouts of a legion of the Soul Land’s finest troops, who were rumored to have been the first king of the Soul Land’s personal guards.
o Adrie uses a ritual to disguise the party as undead, and they sneak into the stone entryway
 Down a long corridor are murals, showing the imprisonment of some terrible entity thousands of years ago
 End of tunnel is a huge chamber with a vaulted ceiling
o There are two figures inside; a large, armored warrior and a shrouded, ethereal figure in front of a huge, hovering, metal and rune-inscribed crystal hovering above the floor
 There are also a few Fist of the Goddess guards, who are sorting through a large pile of enchanted items uncovered by the zombies in the pit
o Party attacks, and block off retreat and reinforcements from the corridor beyond
 They manage to defeat both the wraith, who claims he is Milimarz, the first king of the Soul Lands, as well as the armored general.
o General removes his helm, and is seen to be the Elven Ambassador from before, now horribly warped and twisted by some power of chaos, granting him power in exchange for deformation
 He curses at the party for forcing him down this path, and then weeps.
o Unfortunately, the party interrupted the wraith’s ritual, and the being within the crystal is starting to break free
 The crystal shatters, revealing a hybrid elder elemental of stone and air.
o Party tries to contain it, and after some difficulties, manages to temporarily hold it within the crystal prison.
o Now the party has to decide how to deal with their new (and temporary) captive.—



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