Chief Ethon Sleepsnatch

The charming leader of the bandit group The Red Scarves...


This tall, proud man smirks beneath his mask, and his eyes twinkle with mischievous intent. He carries a road scimitar in his flowing outfit, and a cloaked man in black stands near him, watching everywhere with shifting eyes.


Ethon was originally called Ethon Burking, but changed his name once he became a thief. After becoming rich from stealing from merchants in the capitol, he founded the red Scarves to try to expand their financial income. His bodyguard is Enidrau Milimarz, distant Eladrin descendent of the last King of the Soul lands, and is his lifelong friend. They lead the Scarves as gentlemen bandits, who avoid combat if convenient, and steal only kisses (and any jewelry) from young maidens.

Chief Ethon Sleepsnatch

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