Grand General Saer Tarish

The former general of the Civer Empire, now retired.


This grouchy man stumbles about with a cane, grumbling and mumbling about the current state of affairs. However, you can tell that most of his feebleness is not as it appears, and you can hear the rattle of a sword hidden in his otherwise-benign walking stick.


General Tarish retired a year after General Ferringray gained command, assuming a mentoring role (supposedly), although all they did was argue. He dislikes her strongly, and voiced his opinion of the Emperor in public, stating that nations needed force and not words to defend them. However, he privately is still a strong friend of the emperor, and always has been. He preferred open attacks and defeating the enemy on the field of open battle, preferring to utilize pincher movements and lance formations to break up and surround enemy battalions.

Grand General Saer Tarish

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