Morna's riding wolf would do anything to protect his mistress... and for some snacks.


AC: 24 Fort: 22 Ref: 23 Will: 21
HP: 117, Bloodied: 59
Speed: 10

Low-light vision

Str 21(9) Dex 12(5) Wis 16(7)
Con 27)
12) Int 7(2) Cha 12(5)

Combat Advantage: when target has one or more of the wolf’s allies adjacent to it.

At Will
Bite: 11 v AC
3 damage or 3d8+3 against prone target

Terror Howl: Close burst 3, 9 v. Will
-2 defense and attack for all enemies in burst until end of wolf’s next turn
Beastly Claw: Trigger: hit by enemy attack (enemy must be adjacent)
6 damage

Enraged Mauling: 13 v AC
6 damage to 1,2, or 3 enemies
Miss: half damage, one target only


Woofy was born in the mountains north of the Civer Empire, but his mother was killed when he was still a pup so that he and his siblings could be sold at market by an exotic animal trader. Morna purchased Woofy from the trader, and despite her violent past, she treated him with extraordinary love and kindness. Morna was a firm but patient trainer for Woofy, and he quickly grew to love her as a mother and is fiercely loyal to Morna. He would fight to defend Morna to the death.


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