Arevean Nights

Session Seventeen: They’re on a Boat
The deadly assassins are hidden somewhere among the eladrin vessel's crew and passengers...

o Party begins investigating the passengers, but no-one seems particularly malignant.
 Also secretly check rooms, and find that the guard’s room has a slight necromantic tinge
o Morna goes into hold and uses a sleeping potion to knock out the humiliated young Elvish Ambassador
 She’s spotted by the other bodyguard and flees after beating him up
 She knocks herself out in her room to appear innocent
 Crew investigates ruckus, and finds Morna in her room.
o That evening, after dinner, a magical command is heard and the other bodyguard (not the ambassador) is horribly maimed, flayed of all his skin.
o Although he’s not dying thanks to Audrey’s magic, he is still in terrible pain since the healing can’t regenerate his skin
 Morna puts him out of his misery.
o Crew investigates ship, and finds smell of decay on the main deck.
 Party investigates all of the passengers and crew, but no-one has any traces of necromantic energy.
 Entire crew and passengers agree to sleep on deck to keep an eye on each other.
o In the middle of the night, the command word is heard, and one of the merchants suddenly has necromantic energy around his neck, strangling him
 Morna and Chia attack an invisible figure, and damage something.
 Attempting to dispel the illusion reveals a powerful zombie momentarily
 Mica knocks him over the edge of the boat by throwing her sword.
o Morna lights the zombie on fire, and the Chia notices that someone in the group of the crew and passengers sneered
 Narrow it down to the guards and the monk, so they put all three of them in the one man brig in the hold
 Detect one of them was trying to cast a spell, so Morna whacks them with a long stick to distract them
o The spell is cast again, and blows open the brig, killing the two guards
 Reveals the “monk” as a necromancer serving Ostereth in the modern age.
o He attacks the party, and then tries to flee by blasting through the deck and flying off using his magic wings
 Chia teleports to swap places with him.
 He flees through the open hold, beaten and battered, and flies to the destination that just came into view
o As the boat arrives in town, the party can see a group of guards struggling and containing with the necromancer
o Morna lights him on fire, after he reveals that the guards are set to execute Ostereth’s sister (and phylactery), Morvrus.

Session Sixteen: Blades of the Acucari
The party encounters pirates and an old (now new) face while pursuing the undead assassins

o Party survives a series of storms, and is picked up by a merchant ship
 Captain has an invisible twin on a desert world
o Party agrees to help defend against pirates
 As they approach the cliffs and waterfalls from the mainland, Morna notices figures moving in the wooded edges of the cliff
o A twin-sailed pirate vessel sails out from the river and off the cliff, and lands on the water and the pirates attack the merchants
o Pirates attack, but are mostly repelled by the party
 A pair of pirates begin to attack vessel with large mounted ballista.
o Party swings over and begins decimating the pirates
o One pirate runs below, and party follows him
 He was attempting to smash a bottle filled with oil with a burning rag
 Hold was full of flammable liquor
o They stop him, but find another hidden pirate mage praying quickly
 He tries to grab a knife, but the party stops him from attacking them
 He reveals that he was not afraid to die, and plunges the knife into his chest, activating the spell he cast.
 He catches fire, causing the hold to quickly alight.
o Party flees the hold, and dives into the water to avoid the exploding enemy ship
o Finally arrive in Acucariu collective
 Spy the Elvish ambassador , now a young bodyguard, with another guard near an eladrin merchant
 Morna sneaks up and phases into a wall with his pants, humiliating him
o Party follows intuition to the docks, and deduces that the undead they were following from the Temple are on one of the ships.
o They board passage on an eladrin vessel to the Soul Lands, along with 2 guards, a monk, and 5 merchants and the two previously-met bodyguards.

Session Fifteen: Temple of the Warpvines
The jungles of the north conceal strange and disturbing secrets...

o Party inquires as to burnt treant wood in the colony
 Asked if they are druids, rangers or monks
 Told that an angry druid caused trouble in town a few months ago
 Find that insane treants and hairless gnolls have been attacking the colony in the last few years
o Party goes to ask the mage leader Darvius about treants
 Find that when the treants attacked, a pulse of necrotic and mind-controlling magic came from the forest somewhere
o Suddenly, some animals and gnolls flee from the forest, followed by a pair of angry treants
 More treants emerge from the forest, followed by a huge treant
o Party goes to the wall, and begins shooting at treants, as they get to the wall
 Pallisade wall is broken down, and party begins attacking the last few treants
o Chia and Audrey are knocked unconscious briefly, and an angry shouting druid is seen at the edge of the treeline, healing the largest treant
 Morna, Woofy and Audrey go to chase the druid after damaging him
 They catch him and knock him unconscious as the treants are killed
o Interrogating the druid reveals that he encouraged the insane treants to attack the colony more
 Also says there’s a temple in the jungle that was shown in the Book the party has
o Gives druid over to the guards to be punished, and venture into the jungle in the direction of a magical pulse they detected during the fight.
o Notice a small bird watching them as they make camp for the night
 Its not moving, and has glowing blue eyes staring at them
 Mica kills it
o Continue into the jungle, and see several small furry woodland animals keeping pace with them a ways away, again with glowing blue eyes.
 In the distance, larger creatures with the eyes hare also keeping pace
o Party stumbles into an open valley of grass, with a temple at the far end
 Temple has a red-orange-yellow glow coming from the top
 Valley is filled with hundreds or thousands of the blue-eyed creatures
 Several brown-robed people are in valley and on the temple
o One approaches the party
 Asks what they are doing here, and how they found it
 Apologizes for angry/insane druid who was banished from the order
o Introduces himself as a member of the Guardians of the Twisted Grove
o After finding that they are allies of the Order of the Runic Fist, he takes them to the temple
 Tells that the Temple of the Warpvines can allow the users to travel through time and space, and that they and the Runic Fist keep order when they detect anomalies in the other plane
 Tells them that two members of their order were killed, and that they believe it was by some undead of some sort.
 The second body was missing, and they think it may have been sent through to the other plane
o Party decide to use the Warpvines, and each of them eat a vine in order to go back for 2 months
o When they finish teleporting, there are no druids, and far less animals
 The forest and the clouds look fairly different, and the party begins traveling back to the colony
 The colony is gone, and the clearing is filled with trees
o Detection of magic reveals that they traveled back about 1200 years in time
 Small dragonette flies out of trees and lands on Audrey’ head
 She befriends it
o Party constructs a decent raft, and begin to sail down to where the Civer empire was, and the Acucari Collective now stands.

Session Fourteen: The Mossy Tentacle of War
The culmination of the Nodal quest, and a confontation with warlords of both planes...

o Party sets out into caves
 Caves covered in several-foot-thick growth of fungi and moss
o Reach a precipice overlooking a larger cavern
 6 statues are on an almost completely moss-free circle on the precipice
o Morna spots a few small round moss-animals
 The moss animals form into swarms and surround party
 Several fungi clumps reanimate several corpses, and they approach the party as well
o Party travels down one end of cavern, down a huge tunnel
 Come within sight of the fortress Nihilanth; a large wall of fungi slowly moving towards them
o Dodge past huge moss hulks as well as fungi zombies and swarms, running down moving passages of the fortress
 Find a side room free of fungi, and discover a chest with the corpse of an adventurer, containing a ring with the final Node in it.
o Flee Nihilanth, and return to Waspstead
 Speak with the bartender in the lazy Hydra
o Sneak into Tooth of the Brain and evade the guards
 Dodge past lightning generator on next floor and go to top chamber
o Mindflayer there is waiting for them
 Tells them of his plans with the portals of the world above, revealing a book with cryptic portal locations on it
 Attacks the party, using psychic abilities to release Nerine’s lycanthropy
 Party kills the Mindflayer, steal the portal book, and then flee the city, with guards in hot pursuit
 Flee through portal, and then collapse the cavern ceiling to block passage through the portal.
o Return to Abyssal Tunnel
 The tunnel is abandoned and empty
 Dwarven city is abandoned except for dwarves in regalia of the Blackforge Protectorate
o Speak with a guard
 Find that the Dwarven Kingdoms have fled to reinforce the city closest to the Civer Empire, who are allied with them against the Blackforge Protectorate and Lord Patan’s Domain.
o Party is recognized by Lord Patan’s second-in-command, who orders them to be caught as the party flees
 Flee to dwarven port, where Morna teleports in to free the sailors and Stumpy
 Manage to escape the port right as Lord Patan himself arrives at the dock on horseback
 Furious, he kills his second-in-command with one blow and then goes back up the tunnel
o Party sails to the Jungles of Keatan, and to the colony there
 Recently the colony was attacked by treants and hairless gnolls
o Gives Nerine to a sanctuary there to attempt to heal her of her lycanthropy

Session Thirteen: Quest for the Nodes
The Underdark reveals it's wonders as the party evades the local servants of Vecna...

o Party goes down slope to the city at base of fortress-like stalagmite
• Notice large amounts of tieflings, dwarves, drow, etc.
• Most merchants have heavily armed and defended caravans along the roads
• Morna disguises Nerine, Chia, Mica, and Audrey as Drow to get past city guards
o Enter city of Waspstead, and look around
• See a pair of nervous, overweight twitchy merchants
• Save unfortunate merchant from fighting a scumbag mercenary half-orc Norven
• He gives them a ripped map and poem from his explorer cousin, and tells them that it may provide a way to topple the ilithids rule
o Group travels to the docks of the huge sea near the city, and starts to look around
• One merchant ship is loading valuables, and the guards and crewmen are nervously looking at a purple-sailed ship docked a few hundred feet away
• The purple-sailed ship is crewed with relaxed, smiling drow.
o Group approaches the merchant ship, making all the crew become very nervous.
• Merchants ask why they’re talking to them, and group asks about the map
• Replies they have no parts of the map, but relax after hearing that the drow-disguised group members aren’t part of the “Thought Fangs” pirates
• Ship then sets sail
o Group approaches Thought Fang ship
• Call to crewmen and ask about map
• First mate calls to ask captain, nicknamed The Courtesan, about the map
• She calls them aboard, and the ship sets sail after the merchant ship
o Enters the captain’s cabin
• She asks where they got map, and then tells them she has part of map and an artifact included with it
• Tells them they can have it in exchange for helping “enlighten the merchants to alternative means of capitalism”
• They agree, as Audrey goes below deck into the exotic animal “Zoo” due to her hydrophobia
o Pirates attack the merchants
• Easily defeat them, and receive a chest of treasure, along with a broach that has a cubic opaque green stone.
• Stone causes metal runic seal on scroll from the merchant to glow, and runes on it read “I shall reveal the Slayers”
• Ship docks again, and they leave to city
o Returns to Waspstead
• Spends the night at The Lazy Hydra, getting a few powerful drinks before turning in.
o The party decides to check out the “Seekers of His Whisper” and journey to the Warren of Screams
• City appears as a sort of rounded tunnels and rooms sunken in a gravel hillside, illuminated by pale green lights
• They see a large, bulky Incubi with a gently burning jagged blue-flamed sword guarding the entrance to the city, asking for a memory in exchange for entrance
• Memories leave as shimmers in the air and enter city
• Audrey gives up memory of her death, losing her hydrophobia; Mica loses the memory of a year of Assassin’s school; Chia loses a bad memory; and Morna waits for the others to move on, and loses memories of good times with her father.
o Group enters city, and sees stream of memories flowing towards city center along tunnel roof, like an upside down stream.
• Occasionally , loud screams are heard, and huge rushes of memories surge out of the side tunnels.
• Group notices the Incubi are staring at the non-incubi people (Both the party and merchants) in the tunnels
o Group heads for the center of the city,
• Sees the caretaker in front of the All-Mind, which is a half-dozen elaborately dressed incubi hovering and chanting around it. The memories are flowing towards it and into some point in front of them.
• They ask him about the map, and he says they can tell them in exchange for their happiest memories.
• Morna gives up memory of meeting Woofy; Chia forgets time with her sister; Mica forgets the time she first got her sword; Audrey forgets speaking with the Raven Queen.
• A tendril of red-black memories enters ear of the Incubi, and he gives directions to a treasure room
• Advises them to hurry, as the Incubi are getting hungry
o Group runs to treasure room
• As they pass through tunnels, bits and fragments of memories are being sucked out by nearby Incubi
o Reached room,
• One of the nearby guards sucks a memory from Morna, widens his eyes saying “The lost artifact has a new owner! This must be reported.” And begins quickly moving back down the tunnel
• Use pass-phrase to enter, finding a chest, with a scrap of map pinned to the wood with an ornate blue shell-like knife, with a cubic green gem mounted in the pommel.
• Identified as the “Knife of the Dreamer” by a nearby incubi in exchange for an inconsequential memory.
o Group grabs chest and flees, running up main tunnel
• Behind them, dozens of Incubi are quickly walking after them
• Each Incubi has a red-black tendril of memories linked to them,
• The river of memories above them has a tide of red-black going against the flow, after the characters.
• The memory-tide links to nearby incubi, and they begin pursuing the party
• As the party comes into sight of the entrance, the incubi halt, and the tide slows for a second, before a knife-thin tendril shoots ahead of the party and reaches the city guard, who turns as the sword’s flames lengthen.
• Mica throws a sword on him, and Morna spins him onto his stomach with a spell as they hurry past
• They do not pursue, but call out “He Shall Know…”
o Party returns to Waspstead for the night.
• Next day, head to the Arcane Citadel of Malus the Vain, the beholder
o Reach the Citadel
• It’s a sandstone domed building with brass and glass roof decorations
• It’s guarded by huge, ogre-sized guards, with a flexible eye on a long neck
o They tell the guard that they’re seeking to speak with Malus, he shows them into the Citadel
• Malus greets them, removes their illusions, and asks them their business
• After showing them he does have that Node, he says he’ll give it to them in exchange for testing one of his illusion’s powers.
• They agree, and walk out onto the vast, flat stone plains behind the Citadel.
o The air shimmers, and they appear to be standing on a small island in the ocean
• In front of theme are 6 stones with single runes on them, and another one with writing
• The stone says that this is a prison for an acquaintance of Malus’s, and he wants them to test it to see how good it is. If they can get out, they’ll get the chest and Node. If not, he sees no reason to stop a perfectly usable illusion.
o They quickly realize that the runes correspond to natural elements
• Activating them with the elements cause them to glow
• After all stones begin to glow, the stones sink into the sand
o Six towers begin to rise from the sands all over the island
• These charge up with glows similar to seen on the stones, and the characters begin to faintly glow with some colors as well.
• The towers begin discharging energy at the party
• Party begins smashing them
• Crushed and crumbling towers form shimmering, shifting mounds of sand that flash with the elemental color
o Sand from towers forms together at edge of island,
• Forms a large elemental that’s flickering with flashes of energy, and begins attacking the party
• As they defeat it, they hear Malus congratulate them and the illusion dissolves,
• A leather bag with the treasure comes hovering out to them, with a fur ribbon mounted with a cubic gem tying it shut.
o The party returns to Waspstead

Session Twelve: Fleeing the Authorities
After stumbling upon a dwarven conspiracy, the group flees to their renegade cousins...

o Hooded figure attacks
• Party hears gnolls running to attack from city
• Hooded creature uses psychic blasts
• After killing it, Chia impales a beetle that attempts to escape from it’s head
o Go through city as gnolls flee
• Dwarven sergeant warns that gnolls will return
o Group travels quickly to capitol
• Met by a few gnolls in front of them, and a single robed humanoid
• Robed humanoids robes shift as it warns that they’ll meet again
• Robes collapse, and thousands of beetles flee into the darkness
• Dwarves break through gnolls and enter city
o Party goes to meet Low King
• See lots of dirt leaving a certain tunnel
• Dwarves avoid answering questions about it
• Cross bridge to go to throne room
• King expresses gratitude and gives party magic items
• Informs party he was told of gnolls by the runner they sent, Burt Bandylegs
• He expressly forbids asking about the tunnel
o Party splits, and go to inn and into tunnel
• Nerine, Morna, and Mica go into tunnel, avoiding guards
• Find an elevator down, where carts are going up and down
• Hide aboard it and enter cavern below
o Discover existence of the Abyssal Tunnel
• See a huge, 100-222 foot wide well-lit tunnel into the earth in direction of the Blackforge Protectorate
• Also a smaller tunnel towards Lord Patan’s Domain
• Several smaller offshoot tunnels
• Single, unlit tunnel opposite of the largest tunnel.
• Hear rumors about a rich dwarf who was the only survivor of an adventuring group
o Enter a noisy inn owned by the rich dwarf
• Sneak in through upper window
• Shave the beard of a sleeping dwarf for fun
o Go down to bar of inn
• Notice that the rich dwarf bartender has purple eyes almost like an eladrin
• Has coins with an obscured design on them
• Looks like a slight magical obscurement
• He notices them but does nothing as the dwarf they shaved comes downstairs in hysterics
o They sneak into backroom of inn
• Discover no furnishings save for a bed, a table, and a ornate chest
• Chest has similar obscurement as the coins
• Dispelling it reveals the crowned head of an illithid on the coin, and tentacled evil runes on the trapped chest itself.
• Inn owner had come in silently, and attempts to attack party with an axe
o Escape inn and go back to rest of party in capitol
• Accidentally ask barmaid about Abyssal Tunnel
• She flees to get guards
• Party flees from dwarves to the dwarven port, and quickly hire a boat
• Flee just ahead of the dwarven guards
• Sail ahead of dwarven steamships to coast near the Blackforge Protectorate
• Travel to Fort Gunigan, and enter the underground Blackforge Protectorate
• Go to Silverhammer,
• Upgrade their weapons
• Travel to Cinbular,
• Purchase a glideship
o Travel across ocean to Civer Empire
o Midway across, boarded by officials from Lord Patan’s domain
• Morna and Mica hide behind rudder
• Officials attempt to find Morna and Mica
• Try to find Woofy with a steak
• As they leave, official checks with a magical scrying orb like the one the Lord of the Realms of the Fey owns
• Morna slips and splashes
• They escape, trading volleys of arrows and ballista bolts
• End up lighting official ship on fire
o Flee south to pass up next to Port Blackwater
• Manage to evade all but one of the ships of the blockade
• Lead it up near Port Blackwater,
• The pseudo-pirates there go to attack the enemy ship
o As they arrive, the dwarves are waiting for them
• Have to avoid tensions between Blackforge crew and Kingdom dwarves
• Travel back by water to the Dwarven kingdoms
o King is waiting for them
• Tells them he knows about dwarf with purple eyes
• Offers reward to explore the tunnel he got the wealth from
o Party agrees, and goes to explore that tunnel
• Lots of evidence of struggles and fights
• Initially a crossroad, but follow a hidden trail to an underground river
• Across river in a large lake is an underground mountain with dead dwarves and a trail
• Find a large portal with signs of a bloody struggle on rear side of mountain
o Enter it, and find a large green-tinted room with a pool, and an opening
o Out the opening, can see a huge open plain-like cavern that seems alien
• Large hourglass-sized lit fortress-city occupies the middle of cavern
o Can see a group slowly climbing stairs towards them
• Hide behind rocks, and as they pass, can see it’s 4 bugbear guards, and 2 differently-sized humanoid figures,
• They’re discussing an alliance
• Smaller humanoid goes into portal room as rest of group turns to leave
o Figure stops, and players hear a mental voice “Hmm. You’re here… This shall be interesting to watch unfold”

Session Eleven: Pointy-Eared Tensions
The newly appointed rulers attempt to avert war, and investigate the creatures plaguing the Dwarven halls...

o Elven diplomatic party approaches from main army
 Morna and Chia recognize the ambassador with the party as their old “friend”
o Adrei begins opening negotiations with asking army to leave
 Ambassador acts as go-between for noble
 Noble is disparaging to Adrei and her “lesser birth”
 Refuse to leave for fear of attack
o Angry discussion begins between Adrei and the noble
 Morna leaps onto and ties up Noble with a knife at his throat
 Noble teleports away after they refuse his offers of their surrender
 Both armies charge at each other
o Adrei runs up and knocks out Morna, and placates the noble.
 They agree to leave in exchange for the Civerian army temporarily disarming as a show of good faith and sailing off coast
 Notice that both a general on the Civeraina s well as a different one on the Elven side had some sort of beetle fall from their clothing
 Morna awakens, and follows army to border
o Group returns to Capitol, and begin organizing army structure
 Met by Dwarven Ambassador, who informs them they can have some Dwarven support troops on the border with the Realms of the Fey.
 Very shortly later they are informed that one of the few remaining Dwarven holds has been overrun by pale naked humanoids, and the troops must be withdrawn to the Hall of Doors.
o Group goes to meet up with the dwarven troops at Fort Krost
 Meet the General, Natasha Ferringray, and her fighting demo with some troops
 Head north to the Hall of Doors
o The strike force enters the Hall, and begins traveling towards the attacked city
 See in the distance humanoid shapes running in the distance
 Suddenly, poisoned arrows fly out from the shadows towards the group
o Force attacked by a huge mob of hundreds of hairless gnolls,
 They hiss and only occasionally yip or howl.
 Gnolls repelled after the loss of around 100 of the original 250 dwarves, thanks to the aid from Adrei and Chia
o Finally reach the walls of the city
 Completely quiet and dark
 Gnolls seen manning the walls
o A shrouded humanoid figure goes to the wall, and speaks to the dwarves
 Says they must flee, and warns against trying to attack
 Group notices a distant side entrance, and sneaks into the city through it.
o Group enters abandoned city
 Evades gnoll patrols
 Hooded figure appears and bids gnoll retainer to search the city
o Hooded figure turns to the group hiding in the shadows, and hisses “I see you…”

The Psychic and the Abberations.
Session Ten: The Convergence
A secret traitor is revealed as the leader of a nation falls, and rises again...

o Party on boat to Tidas
 Rytual informs party that the body of the hanged warlock was stolen
 Apparently the elven armies believe the move to Tidas is an attempt to sneak-attack the Realms of the Fey
• On the move North as well
o Encountered a remains of an attack on merchants
 Only survivors are a trio of children
 Bring them aboard, and notice a cut along the head and shoulders on all three of them
 They can only say “L-like w-won” over and over again
o Realize children are evil
 “L-like w-won” backwards is “Now We Kill”
 They slide off the skin, and the bloated organs inside form snake-like creatures that attempt to attack the High Chancellor
• The skins also form monsters that also attack.
 Morna now scarred by idea of small children
o Make landfall on coast where cultists have kidnapped the nobles.
o Attack the cultists
 The Warlock summons a bloody creature from carcasses of children-monsters stuck to hull
 Group manages to free some of the nobles, and kill the cultists
o Adrei suspects Whitehall is behind the undead
 Nicks her hand, and sees no blood.
 Puts a undead repelling spell on her, causing her to struggle, and then be thrown backwards
o Whitehall sheds disguise, and is revealed as Ostereth, the Bronze Lich
 She then ignores the group, and begins bolstering zombie army nearby in slaughtering the Civerian troops
 Rytual falls to his knees and is revealed in a beam of heavenly light
• He tells party that if he becomes Avatar to help defeat Ostereth, he’ll die, and probably cause a war
o High Chancellor Rytual is possessed by the Incarnate, and becomes the Avatar
 Takes form of a huge silver dragon, and begins attacking Ostereth
 Party calls on Fytyse, who appears and slows Ostereth before leaving
 Party aids in attacking Ostereth and healing the Avatar
o Ostereth is defeated, and flees in a flash of light
 Rytual falls to ground dead
 Nobles gather and announce that the party is basically the de-facto rulers for the current time
• This is because the barons are suspected in the assassination of the late Emperor
o Party hears the sounds of approaching elven army as the army reforms.

Session Nine: Death of a Bad Man
The showdown with the zombie leader, in the depths of the tombs under siege...

o Arrived at Whitehall Manor
 Met and chatted with several guards
. Found out undead had taken the third level, and they had only managed to hold the first level of the tomb
 Learned that there were several giant skeletons, leading an attack directed by a one-armed necromancer
 Party offered their assistance
o Entered house and were asked to repel undead
 Noticed Whitehall women have strong family resemblance
 Lady Whitehall treated undead attack as a nuisance and didn’t care too much one way or the other
o Entered first tomb level
 Began saving guards, while attacking various cannibalistic and underwater zombies
 Needed to destroy one of the giant skeletons guarding the door down to the lower levels.
o Entered second tomb level
 Saved a guard from hidden undead,
 Destroyed a pair of giant skeletons before going down the stairs
o Entered third tomb/cavern level
 Avoided a large suspended-debris trap
 Snuck past a room full of zombies, but triggered their attention while fighting some submerged zombiers
 Learned Alat was watching them fight the zombies.
 Fought a giant skeleton, then went to Alat’s lair
o Attacked Cesk Alat
 He killed a half-dozen cultists and used the energy to summon a ghostly horse, and a pair of phantom swords, and began attacking the party
 Controlled a pair of guards, and had them attack the party
o Chia Kills Alat
 Gray energy begins surging towards him, and cocoons him
 Forms a ghost-creature that they then defeat
 Adrei heals the guards
o Escape tombs
o Party went to capitol
o Learn about undead army assault on Tidas
 Several nobles were kidnapped via green teleportation
o About to board the boat to Tidas along with the navy


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