The History

BF: Before Formation of Civer Empire
AF: After Formation of Civer Empire

25,000BF: Earliest recorded civilization by the Elemental Golems
12,500BF: Last records of the Elemental Golem civilization.
10,000BF: First records of the Storm Giant kingdom.
8,500BF: First records of elven kingdoms.
7,000BF: First records of dwarven kingdoms
6,500: Formation of the forerunners of The Dwarven Kingdoms.
6,000BF: First records of human kingdoms.
5,500BF: An unnamed insane archmagi order opens the Skyspark Rift.
5,000BF: Fall of the Storm Giant kingdom after attacks by the elementals from the Skyspark Rift
4,250BF: Formation of the Soul Lands by the High Elves. They harness the Feywild to open at will within their borders and destroy incoming elementals.
4,000BF: The Ritual of Phases is performed.
3,500BF: Formation of the Kingdom of the Skull by Ostereth, the Bronze Lich. The Kingdom does not actively attack other kingdoms, but they send many agents and clerics to attempt to convert the living and the dead to their cause.
2,000BF: Formation of the Acucari Collective from scattered human realms along the eastern edge of the Sea of Zazim
1000BF: The Dirgewater Sorrowing occurs.
900BF: The Wars of the Unrisen begin.
750BF: The Wars of the Unrisen ends with the defeat of Ostereth’s capital city, the Dark Span. Although the undead army is completely destroyed, Ostereth’s body is never recovered.

0AF: The Formation Wars begin. The Civer Empire is formed mostly from a collection of small city states on the northeast corner of the Sea of Zazim, and proceeds to claim large hunks of the Soul Lands

100AF: The end of the Formation Wars, and the Truce of Milimarz between [[The Civer Empire]] and the Soul Lands.
103AF: The collapse of the Eladrin society, and the disintegration of the Soul Lands into the scattered Realms of the Fey.
955AF: The Dark Paladin Baile Patan claims the westernmost portion of the [[Northern Wasteland]], as well as part of the upper The Dwarven Kingdoms, as his kingdom in the Wars of Dominion, and forms Lord Patan’s Domain.
960AF: Lord Patan forms the Black Magi at the end of the Wars of Dominion, and establishes the Three Black Colleges to train his military wizards.
1024AF: Schism of the Blackforge clan and other merchant clans separates from The Dwarven Kingdoms and forms The Blackforge Protectorate after the ten-month Siege of Division.
1060AF: The Servants of the Blood Drinker, cultists of Orcus, begin raiding and attacking various scattered cities.
1064AF: Start of the War of the Maggots, as the cult of Orcus uses mind-control spells to create armies of peasant militia to attack other cities with.
1103AF: The main pirate base raiding the Sea of Zazim, Ceratin Cove, is attacked and razed, and Port Blackwater is founded on top of it.
1111AF: War of the Maelstrom begins, after increased encroachment by Lord Patan to the north, The Civer Empire retaliates, and takes control of the Jungles of Keatan.

1136AF: Current Date.

The History

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